Monday, 14 August 2017

Reading Rivers


Thanks for popping in.

To start the new week after all the exhausting athletics in the London Stadium last week, we're taking a slow meander along the Thames in Reading.

Passing the Soggy Bottom, we head for Caversham Park Gardens, a beautiful spot for home made cake and a cup of tea all provided with proceeds going to a local charity.

Have a look at the Park by clicking on the photos to enlarge them.  There's some great specimen trees here, some of the borders had just gone over but the seed pods still provided some colour and interesting shapes.

Looking over the crinkle crackle wall at the allotments, we could see plenty of produce.

There were plenty of boats motoring past.

Leaving the Park, you can follow the river and pick up the path to cross the weir to the Lock, where quite a few boats were queuing up to move down the river.

Leaving the Thames near Reading Bridge to go through the streets near the town centre, it's not far til you find the River Kennet flowing behind the Oracle shopping centre.

An attractive wall of plants greets you by the entrance to the mall and the colourful flowers add a spot of pazazz to the nearby restaurants where customers were enjoying the sunshine.


Friday, 11 August 2017

Five on Friday - Colour


Thanks for visiting for another dose of Five on Friday.

This week I'm sharing my woolly escapades of the week.

One -  An Explosion of Colour

So exciting, a bag full of new Stylecraft Special DK has arrived.  What's the plan?

Two - Offcuts

I collect all the small woolly offcuts from different projects and then use them as stuffing for toys.

Three - Odds and Ends

Wool that is a little longer but still left over from the blanket making process, gets turned into this colourful piece.  I'll keep adding to it in the future until it reaches a good size.

 Four - Really Wild Tea Cosies

Looking for inspiration in my knitting books,  I enjoyed leafing through the pages of Really Wild Tea Cosies by Loani Prior.  Look at this cute rooster tea cosy, Pedro de la Pantaloon, it's enough to make breakfast a really jolly time.

Five - Kaffe Knits Again

Kaffe Fasset's books are terrific with so many colourful patterns to get you going.

I hope all this colour has brought a smile, it always does to me!

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, 10 August 2017



Nice to see you.

Do you like doing puzzles?

For the last month, Puzzle for Today has been running for BBC Radio 4 and can be found on it's website - there are brainteasers set by lots of different people and organisations for you to try.  Here's a link if you would like to have a go or catch up on all the previous puzzles.

Luckily, the answers are given the next day, so you don't have to puzzle for too long!


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Dodging the Rain at the P by the S


Thanks for popping in.

Down at the park, it's all fruit and berries this week.

 Leaves have just a small tinge of Autumn about them.

Trees are laden with berries, most of them not for eating.

An unusual insect has landed on the tree trunk.

The formal gardens still look beautiful, the cosmos and the other floaty plant that I don't know the name of, were the perfect choice to peek over the box hedges.

The magnolia grandiflora is at its best.

By the terrace, the borders are blossoming . . .

and the stars of the meadow flowers have changed again.

In a couple of weeks time, this year's outdoor theatre production will be taking place - The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  The audience will start the show in the theatre and then will follow the action out in the grounds.  Fingers crossed for a bit of sunshine.

oops, the set has caved in!


Tuesday, 8 August 2017



Thanks for popping in.

Let's go in the garden and have a look at the colour before the rain starts again.

We appear to have a jewel garden at the moment, how did that happen!

 There's a few surprise visitors in amongst the plant pots, very well camouflaged.

Don't be afraid, this isn't some sort of exotic snake . . . .  it's a eucomis or pineapple lily!

Doesn't it look like a pineapple!

Take a deep breath.  Spirits are raised.  All is well with the world.


Monday, 7 August 2017

Rob and Nick Carter


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I was listening to the radio on Wednesday when the programme Only Artists came on, highlighting the work of Rob and Nick Carter, husband and wife Artists. I had not heard of them before.

Producing artworks in many different mediums such as photography, paint and light installations, it was their films, which bring Old Masters to life, that were highlighted by the  programme in particular.

Photo taken from the internet

The BBC website says:

'Rob and Nick work with new technology, light and photography. Realising that most gallery goers only spend seconds looking at an artwork, they make us slow down by creating three hour films in which Old Master paintings and drawings are digitally re-imagined: a Sleeping Venus breathes and opens her eyes; a frog slowly decomposes; and the insects round a vase of flowers from the Dutch Golden Age begin to fly and crawl as the blooms flutter in the breeze. Rob and Nick Carter are the only living artists to be shown alongside the Old Masters at the renowned Frick Collection in New York.

Their recent work includes Oak Grove, nine identical full-size tree stumps, cast in bronze. They are based on a drawing from 1600, and created using 3D printing along with bronze casting, to reproduce every detail of the bark and wood. The stumps are currently arranged in a circle in Kensington Gardens, London, where visitors can sit, climb or play on them.'

I'll have to look out for those bronze tree stumps next time I'm in London.

Here's a link to the programme and to their website, which has excerpts from their films.


Friday, 4 August 2017

Five on Friday in Yateley


Thanks for visiting as we link up with Tricky for Five on Friday.  Always a pleasure to have your company.

Today I'm taking you for a walk round the village of Yateley in Hampshire.  'Yate' comes from the Middle English word for a gate as this was the gateway to Windsor Forest, although there is a leafy feel to the place, nowadays it's a busy village/town with shops, pubs and recreational facilities.

One - First stop the Church

St Peters dates back to Saxon times when a smaller church was on the site but it burnt down in 750. Sadly the subsequent church was burnt again, by an arsonist, in 1979, leaving only the outer walls, charred tower and cracked bells and was rebuilt providing a modern, open space within the old walls.

The church also has a new cafe which has been offering tasty snacks for six months, run by volunteers, a delightful airy space just right for a scone or two.  Shall we pop in for a cuppa?

Two - The Village Green

Just in front of the church is the charming old Village Green.  There's an annual May Fayre with the Yateley Morris Dancers taking part but on a larger green a little bit further on.

Three - Walking around the Village

Although there are some modern shops and a busy road, let's just enjoy the old buildings.  From pubs . . .

. . . to the War Memorial ...

. . . to the businesses within the  pretty houses.

Four - Notable People

Most places seem to have their famous people and in Yateley, we go from a curate turned highwayman named Parson Darby who, legend has it, patrolled the Reading Road and was hanged at nearby Darby Green- he's spookily celebrated by the Yateley Morris Men, who have a wooden horse wearing a highwayman's disguise - to Flora Thompson who wrote Lark Rise to Candleford who worked in the Post Office in 1901.  The charity worker Sean Devereux who was assassinated in Somalia, has a park named after him.

Five - Lakes

The area has a number of restored gravel pits which have been made over to watersport activities, fishing and nature conservation giving people from the area plenty of opportunities to enjoy a pleasant walk.  The lake was busy with school holiday excitement with all sorts going on.

I hope you have enjoyed a peek at this area, like always it's best to leave the car and just walk around to see what you can discover.

Have a great week.